The IEEE 802.3z Standard for Media Limitations
Gigabit StandardFiber TypeDiameter(microns)Modal BandwidthMinimum Range(meters)
1,000BaseSXMM62.5160MHz/km2 to 220*
1,000BaseSXMM62.5200MHz/km2 to 275**
1,000BaseSXMM50400MHz/km2 to 500
1,000BaseSXMM50500MHz/km2 to 550***
1,000BaseLXMM62.5500MHz/km2 to 550
1,000BaseLXMM50400MHz/km2 to 550
1,000BaseLXMM50500MHz/km2 to 550
1,000BaseLXSM9N/A2 to 5,000

* The TIA 568 building wiring standard specifies 160/500MHz*km multimode fiber.
** The international ISO/IEC 11801 building wiring standard specifies 200/500MHz*km 50-micron multimode fiber.
*** The ANSI Fibre Channel specification specifies 500/500MHz*km 50-micron multimode fiber; 500/500MHz*km fiber has been proposed for addition to ISO/IEC 11801.


Extracted from the Network Magazine, "Special Report: Gigabit Ethernet", page 44.

Last Date of Revision 17 December 2001.