The DVD Media Specifications

Feature DVD-R Authoring DVD-R General DVD-RW DVD-RW 2.6/5.2GB DVD-RAM 4.7/9.4GB
Capacity 4.7GB 4.7GB 4.7GB2.6GB/side 4.7GB/side
Laser Wavelength 635nm 650nm 650nm 650nm 650nm
Numerical Aperture0.6 0.60.6 0.6 0.6
Recording Layer Axo Dye Axo Dye Phase-Change Phase-Change Phase-Change
Reflectivity 45-85% 45-85% 18-30% 18-30% 18-30%
Track Pitch 0.74um 0.74um 0.74um 0.74um 0.615um
Min. Pit Length 0.40um 0.40um 0.40um 0.41um 0.29um
Channel Bit Rate 26.16Mbps 26.16Mbps 26.16Mbps 11Mbps 26.16Mbps
Rewritability N/A N/A 1,000 100,000 100,000
Copy Protection None CSS CSS, CPSR N/A CSS, CPSR
Operating Environment -5 to 5C 32,256 1,344 48 OC48
OC256 13.271Gbps 172,032 7,168 256 OC256

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Extracted from the Computer Technology Review dated March 2001.

Last Date of Revision: 21 December 2001.