Turn Off NumLock Upon Start Up

Turning Off NumLock Upon Start Up

If your PC turns on NumLock and you want it off, you should be able to access your system BIOS settings and turn the NumLock off. However if you don't have that as an option, simply follow these steps to create your own .COM file:

  1. Open Notepad--select Start, Programs, Accessories, Notepad--and type the following:
    a 100
    mov ax,0040
    mov ds,ax
    and byte ptr [0017],df
    mov ah,1
    int 16
    mov ax,4c00
    int 21

    r cx
  2. Note the blank line above r cx. Save the file in the Windows folder using Numoff.deb as the filename. (Notepad will automatically add a TXT extension, resulting in a file named numoff.deb.txt.) In Explorer, select the file, press F2 for Rename, delete the ".txt" and press Enter, and then click Yes to confirm that you want to change the extension.
  3. Next, open an MS-DOS window (select Start, Programs, MS-DOS Prompt), type:
    at the command prompt, and press Enter. (The result is an MS-DOS-based program, num_off.com, in the Windows folder.)
  4. Last but not least, add the line
    to your config.sys file. (Select Start, Run, type:
    and click OK. In the System Configuration Editor, switch to the config.sys window. Add the above line, select File, Save to save your changes, then close the editor.)

From now on, starting Windows will bring your keyboard to life with the Num Lock key off. Cool, eh? (To undo this setting--not that you'd want to, after all this hard work--simply remove the NUMLOCK=OFF line from the config.sys file.)
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