Desktop Docking


There are different ways to dock your desktop icons in order to give you a clear view.  Icons can be placed to either left or right (preferred method) or placed on top or bottom of the screen.  The icons can then be permanently placed or hid and raised again when the mouse cursor moves over the area.

Docking It Anywhere

If you are using Active Desktop (IE 4.0x) and you would like to have the contents of My Computer readily available.  Click the My Computer folder and drag it to the right side of the screen (for example).  The only area you can't dock it is the bottom of the screen because it would interfere with the Task Bar.  This same technique will work well with the Network Neighborhood and the Recycle Bin.  It will provide the user with a clear background screen that is uncluttered.


Variations of Docking

To make the icon bar behave in way that it appears and then disappears, follow these instructions:

  • Right-click on the icon bar.

  • Choose Always on Top.

  • Right-click the icon bar again.

  • Select Auto Hide.

With these two selections made, the icon bar will appear whenever you move the mouse pointer over its area.  At all other times, it will recede into the unknown harbors.  However, it will dock at the same place on your screen as it was before.

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Date of last revision: 14 May 2015