Removing Internet Explorer 4
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If you restore a Windows 95 Registry created before you installed IE4, your system will probably not boot. Or if you don't want to use IE4 anymore, run the ieremove.exe file to safely remove IE4 follow these instructions:
CD  First, restart you computer in Safe Mode. This means when your PC restarts and you see the prompt stating "Starting Windows 95," press the F8 key.
cd  Then run the following commands, with [path] referring to the location of IE4:
cd [path] \uninst~1 attrib integr~1.dat -h ietract integr~1.dat copy shell32.dll c:\windows\system copy explorer.exe c:\windows

cd  Then after commands have completed, restart your system. Go to Start, Run, and type the following command in the Open Box with the quotation marks as shown:
"[path1]\ieremove.exe" /i:"[path2]\integrated browswer.dat" /n:"[path3]\ie4bak.dat"
where [path1] is the full path to the ieremove.exe file, [path2] is the full path to the integrated browser.dat file, and [path3] is the full path to the ie4bak.dat file.
cd  Next click OK, click Yes, and then restart your computer after the ieremove.exe tool has finished running. Reinstall IE4 and then uninstall it.

Only use this procedure for removing IE4 or if your Registry becomes corrupt and you replace the Registry with an older copy prior to IE4 installation. Recommend that you use REGEDIT.EXE in your Windows subdirectory to export a copy of your Registry after installing IE4 to another hard drive or a different directory. Typically, the Registry will not fit on a standard 3.5" diskette. If your computer has more than one hard drive, placing the Registry on the non-boot drive is the best location.

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Note: Extracted from BugNet dated July 2, 1999; click on the bee to link to their home page: bumble bee