Speed Up IE 4.x
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There is not much you can do for IE's hangups, but at least you can boost your browsing habits. Just follow these procedures:
Speed Up Procedures
Feature Procedure
Getting to the Root of Things To get your hard disk's root folder quickly, just type a \ into the Address Bar and press the Enter key. To get back to the previous web page or folder, simply click the Back arrow.
Customize Quick Launch IE4's Active Desktop lets you open files, folders, and Web pages from your Taskbar. Simply drag items to the Quick Launch portion of the Taskbar (to the right of the Start menu) to add them. You can then simply click on them to run. If you want them deleted, just drag them away from the Taskbar. You can also Right-Click on an item, then select Delete from the pop-up menu that appears.
Double Your Pleasure To make things faster, you can access the features of Active Desktop and select one-click on items or you can disable this feature by using the Customize button.
Temporary File Cleanup Open IE, and select Tools, Internet options or Preferences. Then click on the button to delete your temporary files. By removing your temporary files, it will keep IE from becoming too cluttered. Also, you may want to delete cookies as well for security. You will find a Cookie sub-folder under Windows. Of course, some web sites are entered quickly by using Cookies that provide a valid logon name and password, but can still violate security.
Shift - X (X=key) Moves backward, such as Shift - Tab will move the tab position back one tab.

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