Creating A Web Page Quick


Building a web page can be made easier by using IE4 and its FREE associated application entitled: FrontPage Express. In the subdirectory En\Download\Images. These images can be used for your own email or web pages. Now look in the Menu folder and you will find some more backgrounds and other images that you can use. There are two methods that can be used for a quick web page.

First Method

  1. Access the Internet.
  2. Select a desirable web page that looks good to you.
  3. Choose File, Save As, and give the page a new name with a .HTM extension. Notice, that this method will not save the graphic images.
  4. Use FrontPage Express to edit the image.

Second Method

  1. Access the Internet and select a desired web page.
  2. Choose Edit, which will load the current page into FrontPage Express.
  3. Once the page has been loaded, you can then modify it.
  4. After editing, choose File, Save As. When the dialogue box opens, select As File, now type in a name and then choose a folder for your new file. When asked to save graphic files, click Yes to All.  This will place the web page or index.htm with all the graphic images into the specified folder.
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Date of last revision: 2 January 2002