disc man 

Formatting with Explorer

Need to format a floppy diskette quickly without using File Manager? Simply follow these instructions:
  1. Open Explorer.

  2. Scroll using the arrows in the left window pane view until you can select your desired floppy disk drive A or B.

  3. 3. Place your mouse cursor off Drive A or B, then right-click, and select FORMAT.

  4. 4. Windows 95 offers two options: QUICK (erase) which simply wipes the directory contents and formats the diskette the fastest, and FULL which takes the diskette down to bare bones and rebuilds the directory.

  5. 5. Select either to copy the system files making a bootable diskette or not, making a data diskette.

    Note: A MacIntosh, a new diskette, or a diskette from a previous backup should be formatted using the FULL option.

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