Getting to IE4 Fast

To assign shortcut keys such as CTRL-ALT-E to take you quickly to IE4, follow

these instructions:

» Right-click on the START button and choose OPEN.

» After the window opens, double-click or single-click on Programs.

» Then click on Internet Explorer and look for the IE4 icon and right-click on it.

» Choose PROPERTIES and then click on the Shortcut tab. Now click in the Shortcut Key text box.

» Then press E and CTRL-ALT-E will appear in the text box.

»Click on OK to close the dialog box. Now close the START MENU window.

To test instructions, go to MS Word 95 or 97 or someother office application.

Then, once into a document, execute a CTRL-ALT-E, and the IE4 window should

pop up. This procedure will also work to assign other shortcut keys to window



Author: Patrick Koehler

Date of Last Revision: Thursday, January 08, 1998


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