Backup Your Favorities or Explorer Bookmarks

1st Method
Button Color  In MS 5.x choose File, Import and Export to launch the Import/Export Wizard.
This will allow you to backup your Favorites to a slected folder.
2nd method:
Button Color  Use Explorer and go the the Favorites folder. Hold the CTRL key and click once on the folder, then while you are still pressing down the CTRL key, move the mouse where you want to copy the folder to such as a removable hard drive, floppy disk, or a separate partition or hard drive. This will place a copy of your Favorites folder and sub-folders in a location you specify such as a floppy disk or a different hard drive inside your PC such as Drive D.
3rd Method
Button Color  Use a compression utility such as Power Archiver (freeware) or Easy Zip (freeware) to zip up your Favorities folder and then place the zipped file with a ZIP extension in another folder by moving the ZIP file to another location. The CTRL key manuever along with the ZIP utility can be used on either Netscape or IE Bookmarks. For Netscape you will have to locate your bookmark file by checking for bookmark.htm or whatever name you gave the file.
Check out Cnet Download or ZDNET to search for freeware zip utilities.

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