Making A NT Boot Diskette


There are times when Windows NT won't start, and you may not know why. If this occurs, you can go through the usual procedures to restore the system, but since you know what's wrong, you can get running again more quickly if you have a boot floppy diskette. Follow these instructions:

  1. Insert a blank floppy diskette in Drive A.
  2. Right-click on the floppy disk icon and choose FORMAT. Use the default option instead of Quick Format to be safe.
  3. Once the diskette has been formatted, use the Windows NT Explorer and click on the root folder (usually C:\).
  4. Now copy these files to the floppy diskette:
  6. Boot.ini
  10. Bootsect.dos

For dual start-up installations:

  1. NTLDR
  2. Ntbootdd.sys(If it's in the root folder, copy it)

If you don't see the above files in your root folder, choose VIEW, OPTIONS in Windows NT Explorer, then select the radio button labeled SHOW ALL FILES, click APPLY, and then click the OK button. Now you should see the files, if you don't press F5 and look again. Using the boot floppy, you can boot into your damaged system and make appropriate repairs with guidance from documentation or experience.

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Date of last revision: 3 August 2001