Getting Those File Handles Back


If the DOS program that worked before no longer works because of insufficient file handles, how do you get them back? This problem could be caused from a reinstallation of NT or a new PIF to run a DOS application. The old DOS Config.sys file used to contain a statement Files=xx to run various programs. The default of the old DOS file statement was 8, so if you were running a database or word application you probably had to increase this statement to 100. The Files= statement now resides in the CONFIG.NT which can be changed by using Notepad in Windows NT. Please follow these steps to:

Your DOS application should run just fine. There are other options that can be used in the PIF file and these can be obtained by performing a right-click on the program or startup icon, then select Properties. There are several features here that can be of use when running DOS applications. Please reference your manual for an explanation of those options.

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Date of last revision: 9 August 2001