Creating A Table Alias

A self-join relationship allows you to relate records in the same table. To do so, you simply add the same table to a query twice. However, when you do so, Access renames the second query by adding a 1 (or the appropriate consecutive value) to the title. For instance, if you add the table tblMyTable to a query twice, Access will rename the second table tblMyTable_1. You can accept this default name or change it.

To change the default name, simply right-click the field list in question. Then, select Properties from the context menu and enter a temporary name in the Alias field.

An alias helps you differentiate between tables in the query. However, assigning an alias doesn't modify the name of the underlying table.

The Alias property also comes into good use when your tables have long names. That's because Access won't display the entire title in the field list's title bar. Assigning a short alias in the query makes each table easier to find.

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Date of last revision: 17 August 2001.