Using The Like Operator In A Query

The Like operator is very versatile and can be used in several situations. For instance, let's suppose that each piece of inventory in your warehouse is identified by a part number that consists of two digits, a hyphen, two more digits, a second hyphen, and then two alpha characters. Furthermore, let's suppose that you want to see all the records for part numbers between 11-XX-XX and 12-XX-XX. You might waste a lot of time trying to come up with a Between statement, but the simplest solution is the Like operator. Use a criteria expression in the form:
Like "11*" Or Like "12*"

The resulting query will return any part number that begins with the string 11 or 12. Don't forget the * character, or you'll end up with a completely different (and useless) set.

Please remember that this expression won't work if you need to see all the records between two nonconsecutive values, such as 11 and 13.

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Date of last revision: 17 August 2001.