Save Time On Entering Multiple Formulas

Do you want to save time on entering a bunch of formulas by not having to worry about that beginning =, + or - sign to either subtract or divide? If so, follow these instructions:

You will now only have to type your calculation in or the formula desired without the equal (=) sign. The equal sign will not be needed because Excel will provide for it automatically behind the scenes. For example, go to an empty cell on your spreadsheet. Then type 2+2, you will get exactly 2+2, however if you type + or = 2+2, you will get 4. However, if you use that Transition option under the Tools, Options menu; you will only have to type 2+2 to get 4. Of course this only saves you one keystroke, but one is better than none. Of course, if you want to keep a formula as a specified string, you can use an apostrophe (') just before you type tata, so it remains data.

Tip initially comes from Susan Sales Harkins, a private consultant specializing in Access and VBA development. She currently has two technical books on the shelves: "Using Microsoft Access 97" and "Using Microsoft Access 2000." Both are QUE publications.
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Date of last revision: 21 August 2001.