Pasting In A Special Way

Microsoft Office products Excel, PowerPoint, and Word allow you to perform a simply copy and paste from one product to another. This standard pasting of a document from one to another typically builds an active link. Each active link may then require more hard drive space on multiple pastes, however, each active link can then be edited within the application and may automatically update the associated office application or office document. An option to Paste Special can be used to minimize the data requirements and to allow the data being copied to be an inactive link or data can be placed differently such as in a column or row or inserted with row or column. For example to copy a chart or picture file from PowerPoint to Excel:

Paste Special option further works differently for copy and paste functions in PowerPoint and Word 2000, so be experimentive and try these options to discover the impact. It might just become a useful tool to Paste Special various types of data to achieve the correct result.
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Date of last revision: 29 August 2001.