Create A Quick Image Map

When designing web pages or web sites, you may want to map to parts of an image. This does not mean doing a one time link to an image, but taking parts of the image and mapping to multiple html documents on a web site. Front Page 2000 allows you to map links to an image. You can map in three different ways, follow these steps to get you started:

Continue to add hotspots to your image using the Rectangular Hotspot, Circular Hotspot, or Polygonal Hotspot icon. When you're done, take your image map for a test-drive by viewing it in your browser and jumping to all the different sites to which your image has links. Experiment with each type of Hotspot. If you are working with an irregular shape within the image, using Polygon will allow you to cut your desired area around the object within the selected image.

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Date of last revision: 2 January 2002.