Getting The Office Shortcut Title Bar Back

Office 2000 does not install the Office Shortcut Title Bar (OSTB) as default. Unless you did a customize installation on Office 2000, the OSTB that was in Office 97 is no longer present in Office 2000. However, you can add this nice feature back by performing these procedures:

Once you have the OSTB on your screen, you can click on the far left of the toolbar where there are no application icons, hold the mouse key down and drag it to wherever you would like it to appear on your screen. You can also customize this toolbar changing colors, icon size, and much more. If you decide to hide the toolbar whenever it is not in use, then place it on the top, left, or right of your screen. Typically, the lower screen is used for your task bar which may be hidden and you can't have two hidden windows on the same screen area. Remember that hidden toolbars are only temporary, by pointing to that side of the screen, they are then revealed. Of course, they will disappear out of sight again after a short time, typically a second or two.

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Date of last revision: 30 August 2001.