Creating And Using Titles

PowerPoint has a handy slide show feature that lets you navigate directly to any slide in your presentation. During your show, Right-Click on the screen; select Go, By Title; and pick the slide you want to jump to from the pop-up menu. However, if you didn't use the Title feature all you will see is a Slide # such as Slide 56. This is not very helpful, because you don't know what is the Slide number of your Budget Comparison for example. (Hint: Look at the presentation in Outline view. If there's no text next to the slide icon of any slide, you'll see "Slide XX" in the By Title pop-up menu.) So let's get some titles for our slides.

Now when you view your presentation as a screen show, you won't see any text in the title placeholder on screen, but you can still type text into it in Normal view or in the Outliner. Your text will appear in the By Title pop-up menu so you can jump to meaningfully named slides instead of having to remember what exactly was on Slide 66 anyway.

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