Tigger Flipping Graphics In PowerPoint Tigger

When you use graphics in PowerPoint, you can use the mouse to select the graphic image, CTRL+C to copy, and CTRL+V to paste the image where you want it. To rotate a graphic image:
  1. Click on the image to select it.
  2. Then click on the FREE ROTATE tool in the Drawing Toolbar (it's a circle with a green dot in the center).
  3. Now grab a corner of the object to rotate it or if you want, you can flip the object. Select it and choose Draw, Rotate or Flip, and then choose the type of Flip you want to apply.
  4. Notice, that you can't flip or rotate ClipArt objects because this feature only works with PowerPoint objects.

  5. To convert ClipArt objects to PowerPoint objects, simply follow these instructions:
    1. Retrieve a ClipArt object of your choice.
    2. Select the object and choose Draw, Ungroup.
    3. You will be asked if you really want to convert the object, just say YES.
    4. Now, leave the object selected and choose Draw, Group. The object is now a PowerPoint object and can be rotated, turned, or flipped to your desire.

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