Dropping That Cap in Word

If you want to fancy your Word document up without a bunch of clip art images or heavy graphics, then utilize drop caps to highlight your documents. Since drop caps are formatted text, file transfers would be faster. To see how drop caps work in Word follow these steps for example:

arrow ball  Execute Word, then open an existing document or a new document.
arrow ball  Either type a trial word like "The" or click on a beginning word in a paragraph or sentence.
arrow ball  Move your cursor to the middle of the word, then select Format, Drop Cap, (you will see 3 choices in small blocks: None, Dropped, or In Margin), click on Dropped.
arrow ball  Now notice the other options you have such as changing the existing font, selecting the number of lines to drop the cap or letter (3 is the default), and you can change the distance (default is 0"). Leave the number of lines at default, but change the distance to .01" which seemed to work well.
arrow ball  Now click OK, and notice what happened to the T in the word "The". It now should be quite larger and very similar in appearance to a newspaper or magazine style.
Experiment with this feature to dress up your word processing documents.

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