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You can have some fun and explore a 3D virtual world to find a lake in the MS Excel 97 Easter Egg. Here are the steps for your adventure:
  1. Run MS Excel 97 and click the New button to create a new workbook and then press F5.

  2. When the Go To dialog box appears, click the Reference entry box and type X97.L97.

  3. After you click OK, then press the TAB key. At this point you should be in cell M97.

  4. Now press the CTRL-SHIFT and hold down the keys while you click the Chart Wizard icon button in the Excel toolbar (the icon resembles a colorful chart).

  5. Now the screen will briefly go black, and then you will find yourself in some odd virtual world similiar to being under the water. Now use your mouse to steer around. The left mouse button moves forward and the right-mouse button moves backward. Please remember that the longer you hold down the mouse button, the faster you will travel. After traveling around for awhile, you should see the credits screen and a lake area.

  6. When you are ready to exit this Easter Egg, press the CTRL+SHIFT+ESC and you will exit the Easter Egg. To run the Easter Egg again, you will have to close down Excel and follow the same steps again.

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Note: This Easter Egg for Excel 97 comes from Buy Software's web site.