Linking Documents

Two easy ways to link to another document in a MS Office application are:
1st Method
ball In an Office application, choose Insert, Object, and click on Create From File.

ball Next choose Select Link To File and click on Browse to locate the file you want to link. Then click OK and you are linked. Please note: Links can be made active if you desire to have your forms updated automatically. Active links do require more memory.
2nd Method

ball Using a simple worksheet in Excel, select a portion of the worksheet that you want to link with a Word document.

ball Then choose Edit, Copy to send the selected area to the Clipboard.

ball Now switch to your Word document and choose Edit, Paste Special. When the dialog box opens, select the Paste Link radio button and then select the MS Excel worksheet Object and click OK.

If you don't care about updating future changes in the Word document, you can choose Edit, Paste instead of Edit, Paste Special, and the object will be pasted in as an unlinked object. However, unlink objects will not make any changes to the linked document.

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