Sending Outlines to PowerPoint

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If you like to do your outlines in MS Word for your PowerPoint slides, you can by adding PowerPoint to your Send To folder. Then once you have PowerPoint in your Send To folder, you only have to right-click on your selected outline to quickly send it to PowerPoint. Here is how to set it up:
  1. Open Windows Explorer and locate the PowerPoint.exe file (depends where you indicated it to be installed when you ran the Office setup, however, the default is C:\Program File\MS Office 97.

  2. Now double-click on the windows folder in Explorer's left pane and scroll down so you can see the Send To folder.

  3. Now use the right-mouse button to drag the PowerPoint.exe icon to the Send To folder. When the icon is over the folder, release the button and then choose Create Shortcut(s) Here.
Once this is done, sending your outlines to PowerPoint is quick. This technique can be used on other things as well by using the Send To folder.

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