Creating Tables in PowerPoint 97

If you want to construct tables in PowerPoint 97, you can either import a specific table file or use the already existing icons in PowerPoint. To see how to make tables follow these instructions:

butterfly  Execute PowerPoint, then find a button icon that has a W and another button that has an E in it. There will be a background image of a table behind the letter.

butterfly  These buttons actually include the commands to Insert a Microsoft Word Table or Insert an Excel Table.

butterfly  Once you click on a button, you will notice a matrix of 4 rows and 5 columns or 20 squares. This can't be expanded like in Word 97. You can use your mouse to select, then let up on the mouse button and a table will appear.

butterfly  If you want a table large than 20 squares, then use the extents shown on the box around the table to make it bigger. Then click inside the table. Notice the icons that will appear to easily insert or delete rows or columns. If no buttons are shown, then you evidently did not load your table toolbar in your Word or Excel application. So, simply use the Table command to insert or delete rows or columns.
When you are using tables in PowerPower 97, the commands to work with these tables are the same as Word and Excel 97. Remember that the table can only be as large as the graphic box surrounding the table. However, this tip is great for creating small tables in PowerPoint 97, which does not have the option to create tables without using another application.

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