Text Wrapping Styles in Word 97

Text wrapping with Word 97 is quite flexible and provides the ability to perform some desktop publishing features. Try these commands:
Wrapping in Style
Choose INSERT, PICTURE, CLIP ART, and then select a picture to insert.
Size the picture and move it in the document where you would like it to be. Click on the select lines to stretch the image or to reduce it. Click inside image to move it.
Now right-click on the picture. You will see a menu appear.
Choose FORMAT PICTURE, then click on the WRAPPING TAB. Notice all the Wrapping Style options: square, tight, through, none, top & bottom.
The select TIGHT style. This will default to placing text around the image lines which may flow in an irregular pattern defaulting to 0.13 in space. This can be changed to you desired distance.
Now select the Wrap To option: BOTH SIDES After clicking OK, the text will now wrap tightly to the picture on both sides.
Note: Experiment with the rest of the wrapping styles. The THROUGH option also presents a nice effect. TIGHT and THROUGH wrap styles in combination with wrapping sides' option BOTH SIDES, the Desktop Publishing Options are used.

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