Draw A Line Quickly

In Office Outlook and Word applications, you can perform some really quick line draws. For an example, follow these steps:

  1. Type three consecutive hyphens --- and press ENTER. A normal line will appear from the left to the foremost right of your document or message.
  2. Type three underscores ___ and press ENTER. A bold line will appear.
  3. Type three equal lines === and press ENTER. You will get a double line across.
  4. Type three number signs ### and press ENTER. You will get a solid thick line with a narrow line above and below. Looks really great.
  5. Type three asterisks *** and press ENTER. You will get a line of small squares.

Tip comes from Edward Mendelson, PC Magazine 4 May 03 with the 4th and 5th added tips from yours truly.

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Date of last revision: 20 January 2006.