Dressing Up Your File Listing

Dressing Up

Are you tired of that boring icon for Windows 95 files such as the icon for TXT files, etc? You can change it to any desired icon on your system. This method is similiar to changing an icon for a ShortCut, but the difference is that you start on the File Types tab of the Options dialog box. Instructions are as follows:

Note, if the Change Icon button is grayed out, you can't change this particular icon. Some icons are protected. For example: Select TXT file and when you click Change Icon, you should see NOTEPAD.EXE icons. To view more, simply click the Browse button and select PROGRAM.EXE. Select your desired icon and click the OKAY button. The registered view will be changed. Presto, your file listing view has now been dressed up.

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Date of last revision: 31 July 2001.