disc  Finding Your Windows 95 or 98 Version  disc

There are two different ways to check your version of Windows 95x or 98x:

#1: Right-click on the My Computer icon, select Properties, and on the General Tab you will see the version listed under System.

If you have the original version of Windows 95 it will be listed as 4.00.950.

If you have version 4.00.950a, this indicates that you have installed the update entitled Service Pack 1 or you have OEM Release 1.

If you have a letter "b" at the end instead of an "a," you have Windows 95 OEM Service Release 2.

If you have a "c" at the end of the number, this indicates that you OEM Service Release 2.5.

If you are running Windows 98, it will simply appear as 4.10.1998. There will be following letters or numbers after the later versions ship such as Windows 98 Second Edition or SE.

#2: Click or double-click on the MS-DOS command window, then at the DOS prompt type in VER and it will return the appropriate release.

If you have Windows 95 4.00.950 it is the original release.

If you have version 4.00.1111, you have the OEM Service Release 2.

If you have version 4.00.1212 or higher, you have updates to the OEM Release 2 such as version 2.1 or 2.5.

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Date of last revision: July 2, 1999 Extracted from the Microsoft's Public Knowledge Base.