Virtual Memory Fix

If you uninstall IE 5.5 in Windows 2000 and then reinstall, your Virtual Machine (VM) entries in the registry will be missing. Also, if you check the Advanced tab in Internet Options, and notice that the following Microsoft Virtual Memory Managers are missing: Java console, Java logging, and JIT Compiler for the Virtual Machine, or that the following Java Permissions are not available: Custom, Disable Java, High Safety, Low Safety, and Medium Safety; you will need to re-register the Microsoft VM settings. IAW Microsoft's knowledge base question #Q263673 you have to build two registry (reg) files to be added to your Windows 2000 Registry. These files have been already created for you, so just download a self-extracting zip file The two registry files will self-extract to C:\Temp folder, unless otherwise specified by the you. There is no need to change these two registry files unless your Windows 2000 system directory is WINNT instead of just WINDOWS. If so, please use a text editor such as Notepad to modify the paths in the registry files. Please access the Microsoft site and search for Q263673 to obtain details on how to properly change these registry files. After you have completed any changes on these two files: vmui.reg and jpui.reg follow these instructions:

Please note within the zipped file: I have included the entire question response in HTML format. This should make it easier for you to complete the fix.

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