DSL Caution

Before purchasing ME and using it with a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) modem, be sure of somethings first:

  1. First of all make sure that your DSL modem driver is compatible with Windows ME. I discovered that the DSL internal modem that American On-Line (AOL) uses was not compatible. The AOL internal modem had to be swapped out with an external DSL modem just to work with ME. It was more that just a driver problem, but an actual chip problem acccording to the AOL technician. So ensure your DSL modem is compatible.
  2. Be sure that you have the latest DSL modem driver.
  3. Ensure that your software used with the DSL connection is updated.

An article from Interactive Week, dated 23 Oct 2000 by Brian Ploskina, Senior Writer, states that Windows ME has some severe problems with DSL connections over the internet. Todd Davis, Director of Consumer Broadband Marketing at BellSouth stated that BellSouth's call centers have experienced a noticeable increase of problems in compatibility with Windows ME and DSL. While, a representative at Verizon Communications stated they are having similar problems with Windows ME and DSL. It seems the problem is with the software provided. DSL providers either have not yet updated their software to work with ME or the updated DSL versions are in conflict with ME. Mr. Davis did state that he expects to have full support for Windows ME by the fourth quarter of this year.

Be sure to read up on DSL and ME compatibilities before you decide to purchase your DSL modem or Windows ME.

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Date of last revision: 13 August 2001.