Digital Image Preview

Would you like to preview your digital camera images prior to download?

  1. Windows ME has the capability to preview digital camera images prior to downloading them to your PC as long as the digital camera is Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) compliant. So be sure to ask your vendor or company representative to see if the digital camera that you wanted to buy is WIA compliant. ME will allow you to view those images on WIA cameras without additional software.

  2. Your digital camera software may also provide the feature of viewing before download such as Camedia software that comes with the Olympus D490 digital camera will allow you to preview your images whether it is WIA compliant or not!

The digital camera's box and documentation should clearly state whether it has this WIA feature. However, even if your digital camera is not WIA compliant, ME will still view the images, but you will have to download them first. There are built-in graphic viewers with ME.

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Date of last revision: 13 August 2001.