Create New File Types in ME and 98x

For example, MS Word automatically recognizes files with a *.DOC extension, but what if you wanted a different extension such as *.Recipe recognized. Just follow these steps for example:

  1. Go to Explorer and select Tools/Folder Options.
  2. In Windows 98: You would go to Start/Settings/Folder Options.
  3. Select the File Types tab and click New Type and the Add New File Type box will appear. (In Windows Me, you may have to click the Advanced box to continue with the process.)
  4. Fill out the description however you want, then in the Associated extension box, type Recipe (or whatever you want). Do not use spaces or periods in the name.
  5. Click the New Button and the New Action box appears.
  6. In the Action box, type Open and click the Browse button to find the application you want to use to open your files (Word, in this case).
  7. Click Open, and then click OK.

Now you can select some additional options such as Enable Quick View (if supported), Always Show Extension, and more. You can also choose to change the Icon. That's it. Now your new file type will appear in the Folder Options Box.

This tip is by Michael Vincent from TipWorld.

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Date of last revision: 14 May 2015.