Create Multiple Shortcuts

If you want to create multiple shortcuts at one time to your desktop, then follow these instructions:

  1. Windows ME and 98/98SE all have the same capability to create multiple shortcuts at once.
  2. First select the files you want to create a desktop shortcut to by using the CTRL+Left Mouse Click.
  3. Once all the files that you desire are clicked on, do a Right Mouse Click, and drag items to your desktop or background wallpaper, once you let up on the mouse, select the option to Create Shortcuts.

This will create multiple shortcuts on your desktop. If you selected the left mouse button instead of the right, then you move the files to your desktop instead of creating shortcuts. If you have a properly created shortcut, you will see an arrow with the folder, if not, you have moved the file. Get use to the right click on the mouse to perform other tasks that can make your PC usuage easier.

Tip is from Michael Vincent at Tipworld.

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Date of last revision: 14 May 2015.