Installation Steps for Windows XP

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Just follow these steps:

Step #1: Make sure that your CD-ROM is the first bootable drive. On most PCs you can access the BIOS menu by pressing F2 or Delete key when the system starts to boot. It also could be an ALT+S key combination or in case of some IBMs, the F3 upon see the initial boot letters. Suggest you get a manual and find out if the screen doesen't tell you. Put the Windows XP boot CD-ROM in the drive and reboot PC after you have configured a bootable CD-ROM. XP will then load all of the needed setup software.

Step #2: On the partition screen, be sure to select the right partition to install XP on. If you install XP on the wrong partition (like the one you backed up all your files on), then you will lose all your data. Be sure to format the partition using the NTFS file system which will enable users to keep their data private.

Step #3: From this point choose to install the most Common Components. If you are not sure wihich network settings to install, then start with the Basic Network settings. The Network settings can be changed later.

Step #4: When creating users, it's best to create the computer's administrator first. This person will have the ability to change system configurations and be able to add or create users. If you decide to create a password, don't forget it. If you can't remember your password as Administrator, you won't be able to configure XP.

Step #5: When the Operating System is running, launch the Control Panel and do the necessary tweaking (you may not need to do any, depending on your configuration). This is also the best time to add any hardware that wasn't orginally detected. Graphics are a folder called WindowsXP images.

These steps are by William O'Neal and extracted in summary from Computer Gaming World, December 2001.
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