Create A Password Reset Floppy Diskette

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If you want to create a password backup floppy diskette that can be used to recover your password incase you may have forgotten it, just following these instructions:
  1. Click Start button.
  2. Click Settings, Control Panel.
  3. Double Click on User Accounts.
  4. Click on the account which you want to create a password diskette.
  5. Click Prevent A Forgotten Password which starts the Forgotten Password Wizard - This is found under Related Tasks.
  6. Insert a blank, formatted floppy diskette into Drive A and click Next.
  7. Enter the password in the Current User account password box.

Then to use this Recovery Password Diskette

Follow these instructions:
  1. Click the User Name who password is on the recovery diskette.
  2. Click the question mark button.
  3. This will cause the Did you forget your password message to appear.
  4. Click use your password reset diskette.
  5. This will start the Password Reset Wizard. Just follow the wizard's instructions and you will be able to set a new password. This is different if you are part of a domain, see tip on "How to Create a Password Reset Diskette as part of a Domain"

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