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To enjoy the Desktop Themes of Windows 98 or to run other Desktop Themes you need to follow these steps:
odieOpen the Control Panel and double-click Add/Remove Programs.

odieThen click the Windows Setup tab and select Desktop Themes under Components.

odieThen click Details. Select the boxes next to the scheme(s) you would like to install. If you decide to install all the available Desktop Themes they will require 28MB of disk space.

odieThen click the OK button, then insert the Windows 98 CD when prompted. A quick tip to save on time when install driver updates, network client, etc., you can copy the Windows 98 files from the CD to a second hard drive, if avaiable, by selecting only the Win98 directory and its sub-directories to copy. Then when Windows 98 asks for the CD, you simply key in the path to where the Win98 files are copied to and select the OK button. This method may use more hard drive space, but allows faster installation of third party products that require the Win98 CD.

Other Desktop Themes can be obtained from numerous locations on the internet such as Themes World.

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