Problems With Defrag?

If you are having problems running the Defrag utility on your hard drive, then ensure that there are no applications trying to access your system such as a Screen Saver or an Energy Save Utility. To ensure these are disabled, follow these instructions:

Once the Defrag is completed, Restart your system and repeat the above steps to turn back on your Energy Saving Utilities and your Screen Saver. This should help you to complete a Defrag faster. Another item to check is to ensure that all your active applications are closed down. To have Windows 95/98 load without the applications in the Startup group, hold down the Shift key after seeing the words on the screen "Starting Windows 98....", and keeping hold the Shift key down until Windows 98 loads and you see your desktop wallpaper. This action will bypass the Startup group. Another item to check is to ensure that the anti-virus program you have running is disabled, because Defrag likes to rewrite the File Allocation Table as it changes the directory structure to load faster. Any program attempting to access memory or the hard drive or protect against writing to the hard drive will slow down Defrag or prevent it from completing.

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Date of last revision: 31 July 2001.