Printing A Directory Listing In Windows

If you want to print a directory listing in Windows, you will have to use either a third party product or an old DOS command that still works. The DOS redirect command (>) can be used to direct output to a printing device or a text file by using these different commands:

The redirection name of PRN can be substituted with a name to redirect output to a text file, for example: dir C:\Windows > Windows.TXT will place the directory listing in a text file called Windows.TXT. This could then be brought into a word processing program or printed at a later time or date. There is good shareware on the Internet such as Print Folders that will also print file listings with different features. However, if all you desire is a straight file listing in detail or not, just use DOS.

This tip comes from Valerie Ryan.
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Date of last revision: 31 July 2001.