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Keyboard shortcuts can provide some benefit, especially, if your mouse stops working or you are a fast typer and prefer the key sequence vice the mouse. These commands will only work on keyboards that offer a Windows key. At any rate, hopefully, these will help:

These control keys may come in handy. Remember that the ALT+TAB key will cycle through open Windows on your desktop. Or if you lose your video display and you have created that shortcut to Restart or Shutdown your system, you can always use the ALT+S to access the Start menu, then R to get the Run box up, then just type in the shortcut's name and strike the Enter key. The commands ALT+S,R,{shortcut's name},Enter can be used without seeing any video display to either Restart or Shutdown your PC.

This tip comes from Tip World, creator unknown, with additional information on CTRL keys from yours truly.
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