Map A Network Drive

If you use a network drive on a daily basis or if you don"t want to go through menus just to view a drive, then you should consider mapping your network drive. This same process works basically the same as all versions of Windows 9x with a little difference in Windows 2000. There are three methods to create a network drive mapping:

First Method: Use Network Neighborhood or in Windows 2000 Network Places. Follow these instructions:

Second Method: Using MS Explorer. Follow these instructions:

Third Method: Using the command line. Follow these instructions:

To access your desired network folders you will have to know the proper passwords prior to creating a mapped network drive. You may further want to consider that various drive letters such as F, X, Y, and Z are typically used by Novell NetWare and if you still have a command in your CONFIG.SYS file called: lastdrive=f or some other drive letter remove or change it because it may interfere with your drive mapping. To remove the mappings, simply follow the same steps and do not check the box: Reconnect at logon or add the command /Persistent: No; so the next time you reboot your system, the drive mappings will be removed.

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