Intellimouse Trick

If you have a Intellimouse or Wheel Mouse, you can hold down the CTRL key while you move your wheel to increase the size of your text that you are viewing on the screen. This tip allows you to print the file in different sizes easily and is also a great technique for the visual impaired.

If your mouse becomes irractic or jerking, your mouse ball maybe dirty. If you turn your mouse upside down, there will either be a few screws you will have to take out or just turn the cover in a certain direction to remove the ball. Once you have the ball out, simply clean with an alcohol swap, let dry, and replace back in the mouse. A mouse pad may need to be replaced if you find the pad beaten down, dirty, etc., you may want to replace it. Mouse pads are low cost and can be typically picked up for free at a Computer Conference. If you are military or civil service, you can attend one of our Connecting Technology Conferences offered twice each year where you can probable pick up a free mouse pad and more freebies. Just access our web site for more information on the CT Conference.

This tip comes from Kerry L. May with additional information on mouse maintenance from myself.
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Date of last revision: 31 July 2001.