Creating Pop Ups On Your Start Button

In order to access your popular sub-menus quickly such as your Control Panel, Printers, etc.; you can create a pop up shortcuts that integrate into your Start button. These pop ups can give you fast access into your menus such as to access your Control Panel you would have to go to the Start button, Settings, Control Panel, and then select your feature. The Control Panel pop up allows you to select your specific feature from the Start button. These commands to create these special pop ups in the Start button, must be keyed in excactly as the highlight to include period, spaces, etc. These three popular pop ups can save you lots of time. For creating these three pop ups, you follow the same commands: Go to Start button, select File, New, Folder and name each different folder as follows:

Note: These folders will be empty unless you have printers and dial up numbers already installed. The Control Panel will automatically include all the programs in that folder. This procedure works for Windows 9x and 2000 operating systems.

This tip comes from Valerie Ryan with additional information added by yours truly.
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Date of last revision: 31 July 2001.