Restarting Windows With A Desktop Shortcut

If you are having to restart Windows 98/98SE off and on and want a quicker way to access the Restart function, follow these instructions:

Now by double-clicking or executing the Restart Shortcut on your desktop, your system will automatically restart without having to go to the Start button, Shutdown, and selecting the right choice, and then clicking on the Okay button. It will save you a few steps. Remember, after you key in the command "user.exe,ExitWindowsExec" there is now period after the name. The icon you see for the Restart Shortcut should be a Windows based, but this can be changed by right-clicking on the Shortcut and selecting Properties button, then click on the Change Icon button. Files that have an *.ico, or *.exe, or *.dll can be used to obtain icon images. Just check the Internet for icons, they abound in many places.

This tip comes from Valerie Ryan.
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Date of last revision: 31 July 2001.