Saving Hard Drive Space

To save precious hard drive space you can perform the following procedures:

You can also save drive space by converting from the default FAT16 to FAT32. The FAT stands for File Allocation Table. Prior to performing the conversion, know these warnings:

The conversion to FAT32 is recognized by Windows 98 all versions, Windows ME, Windows 2000, and Windows 95 Release 2.1 and above. FAT16 will only recognize hard drive sizes up to 2GB while FAT32 will recognize hard drives up to 2TB or Terabytes. So if you want to get a 80GB or 100GB drive, you will have to use FAT32 or NTFS to recognize the drive or you will be required to get a Disk Manager that could potentially run into problems. There is also considerable space savings because with FAT16, each file no matter how small takes up 32K of space while FAT32 requires only 4K which saves you 28K everytime you save a small file to your hard disk. So if you are saving links to the Favorites folder, or small files, the space is more efficiently utilized.

To convert your FAT16 to FAT32, follow these instructions:

Now just take a break while this process is going on. Time is dependent upon the processor speed, memory, size of hard drive, speed of hard drive, and the amount of available space.

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