Increase Your Backup Copies

Every time you start Windows 98, it uses a utility called SCANREG to backup your two hidden system files: USER.DAT and SYSTEM.DAT that make up your registry. The default backup is 5 copies, if you want to increase that number just follow these instructions:

To restore corrupted registry files, follow these steps:

Remember that this backs up your system registry files: USER.DAT and SYSTEM.DAT. To back up your entire Registry (*.REG) file, use REGEDIT to export a copy to a different drive or folder. To get back those registry settings, you can then use REGEDIT to import items from that file. REMEMBER: Imports to a registry file can cause duplication registry key entries. By using REGCLEAN from Microsoft, a freeware program, you can clean up those duplicate keys.

This tip comes from Valerie Ryan with additional information from myself.
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Date of last revision: 2 August 2001.