Switching Between Single-Click and Double-Click Icons

Windows defaults to the standard double-click icon or "Classic" Desktop. This can be change in two ways to a single mouse click per icon vice the standard double-click. So save your daily mouse fingers by choosing your desired method of a single-click to access your program.

You can either choose the default or Classic Desktop, the Web enabled or Active Desktop, or you can customize your desktop settings and get some of the best features from each one. Follow these instructions:

If you want to return to the default, simply select the Classic style to change back. Also with the Web Style, you do have the option to place all your desktop icons on the Office shortcut title bar. Then if you customize your office bar, you can hide the shortcut bar to have a completely clear screen to show off that great looking wallpaper. Of course, when you click to the top, far left, or far right on your screen, you can bring your shortcut title bar bar to select your desktop application.

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Date of last revision: 31 July 2001.