Your Computer Locks Up In Suspend Mode!

If your computer locks up while in Suspend Mode, you probably have a drive letter in the lower case in your SYSTEM.INI file. This is a bug problem but can be fixed by following these instructions:

Another method to get your system files is to go to the Windows\System folder and locate a program called: SYSEDIT. By running this program, you will bring up all your system startup files such as AUTOEXEC.BAT, CONFIG.SYS, SYSTEM.INI, and WIN.INI all at once with the capability of editing them using Notepad.

This tip comes from TipWorld, author: Michael Vincent, with some added information from myself on the other method of editing your SYSTEM.INI. Of course, as always, be sure to copy a backup file of any system file you decide to change just in case a mistake is made such as an extra character that shouldn't be there causing problems.

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Date of last revision: 31 July 2001.