Enabling Toggle Keys

When you are typing away on a document, you may have typed a paragraph before you realize that you had hit the Caps Lock Key or you are using your keyboard and forgot to toggle off the Num Lock Key. This can become frustrating and giving the toggle keys like CAPS LOCK and NUM LOCK sound may help you know when these keys have been hit. Once you get use to the sounds, you should make less mistakes in your document at least with these toggle keys. To enable them is a two step process:

First Step: Install the Accessibility Options. For this step you will need the Windows 98 CD disc. Follow these instructions:

You now have installed the Accessibility Options and Features.

Second Step: Enable the toggle keys by following these instructions:

This tip comes from Valerie Ryan with additions from myself on the installation of the Accessibility Options.
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Date of last revision: 31 July 2001.